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God’s Kindness to Us

God prepared a woman

How God prepared my way

It is a privilege that I am where I am today. It’s not by any thing that I have done, but because of what God has planned to do in my life. Right from high school, I have always looked up to a bright future. I had plans ahead of me; to go to the university and of course become the best professional in my field. Little did I know that the Lord was preparing the way ahead of me, so that I can become the person He wanted me to be. After I gained admission into the university, I was glad because my ambition was on track. However, God arrested me during the third month of my first year. He revealed His will to me, and my whole concept about life changed.

As I look back to reflect upon my life, I can only bear witness to the mercy of the Lord. I realise that the favour I enjoyed in His sight and before men was for nothing other than to prepare me for the assignment He had for me to do. God carefully guided me through my childhood to the university. He placed some great people along strategic points in my life in order to help me. He took me on and had mercy on me when I failed Him countless times. He never gave up on me.

God’s grace unto us and what it implies

The favour the Lord bestows upon us are for our benefits. But they do not end there. They are meant to pave way for us to reach out to others with the goodness of God, so that others can come to know Him. Has the Lord saved you from a situation that you thought you could not escape from? He did it because He loves you, so that you can minister His love to the hurt and perishing out there. Has He blessed the work of your hands? He did it because He is faithful to you, so that you can deal to the poor and needy ones their portion of food which the Lord kept in your care. Has He blessed you with healing and vitality? He did it because He desires you to live in good health, so that you can be able to serve Him in His vineyard. God told Abraham, “I will cause you to become the father of a great nation; I will bless you and make your name famous, and you will be a blessing to many others.” Gen 12:2, TLB). But do we realise this goodness of God and the purpose for which he gives them to us?

Many of us have thought that we have come a long way because of what we did. We attribute our success to our wisdom and discipline. We fail sometimes to realise that we cannot receive anything unless God wants us to have them. That is why we abuse them. We abuse our freedom, our wealth, our time, even our lives. Let’s remember that we will pass through this life but once, but will we leave eternal marks upon it? God has put us in charge of His precious gifts so that we can bring glory to Him among the whole creation. It is a betrayal of trust, then, for us to forget this mandate we have and live as if life ends here. Life has been given to us as a gift from God. Jesus tells a parable of a man that gave his servants talents according to their ability. The one given five talents invested it and earned five more talents. He used it to bring more honour to his master and then on the day of reckoning, he was commended and was greatly honoured. The servant that refused to engage his own talent for his master’s purpose was stripped of his inheritance and given to the one who was industrious. (Matt. 25:14-30).

The height we have attained, the wealth we have and the influence we have were given to us by God. Will we invest it or spend it?

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