The Foolishness of Not Heeding God’s Correction

obstinate goat

Along the journey of life, God does not leave us in the dark as to what part of our walk or labor is not pleasing to Him. His desire is for us to receive the ultimate prize. When Our Hearts Begin to Grow Weary Our hearts are often discouraged by the barrage

Our Unfaithfulness and God’s Passion


We may not understand the heart of God unto us until He expresses His dismay when we forsake Him. Most times, we are more hurt by the unfaithful actions of those who we hold dear to our hearts than mere acquaintances.  Until we perceive the pain in God’s heart, we

Delighting God’s Heart

Devoted to God

Do you realize that God is planning tremendous rewards for you? Has this thought crossed your heart at any time? Has this thought influenced the way you live, your passions and your aspirations? Do you realize that God eagerly watches you to bless you? Malachi 3:16-17. His love for you is