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Measure Your Life: Seventeen Ways to Evaluate Your Life from God’s Perspective by Wesley Duewel
Followers of Jesus are urged to measure the quality of their relationship with God by the biblical witness of a life of love, faith, obedience, sacrifice, surrender, purity, power and related virtues.

Face to Face With God: Get Ready for a Life-Changing Encounter with God by Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson pastors a church where supernatural encounters with God happen regularly, miracles are common, and the congregation has an infectious passion for spiritual growth. How does he do it? It’s simple; he makes experiencing a deep, intimate relationship with God a priority for himself and the rest of his congregation.


Rees Howells: Intercessor by Norman P. Grubb
In this biography of Rees Howells, whose mastery of intercessory prayer had global consequences, we discover rich truths of the Spirit for all the church today. Norman Grubb tells the story with simplicity, humanity, and humor.