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When All is Said and Done

in loving memory

Fading away like the stars of the morning,
Losing its light in the glorious sun;
Thus would we pass from the earth and its toiling,
Only remembered by what we have done.

We must all stand before the judgement seat of Christ to give an account of everything we have done. Do you use your time, talents and resources for the glory of God? Do you realise that you are but a steward of God’s resources and that very soon, you will be summoned before His presence to give an account of what you have done? Are you bothered with the countless souls that are marching unhindered to hell and eternal destruction? Are you preparing yourself for Christ’s second coming?

Many people will be filled with regrets on that fateful day, the day of Christ. Those that refused to accept Christ and Christians who did not bear any fruit would want another chance but alas, it would be too late! (John 15: 2, 5-6). Remember there is a day of reckoning. Your life here on earth would determine where you’ll spend eternity. It would be so sad for one to suffer on earth and be cast into hell.

Just as the multitudes said to Jesus: ”what shall we do, that we might work the works of God?”, so are we to ask Him the purpose He created us and to always pursue after it. We have a responsibility before God; and that is to glorify Him on the earth. We must live for Him who died for us. His love must draw us to seek the lost.

We will be remembered for what we have done in time and eternity after we have long left this earth. What will you be remembered for?

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