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Refined in the Fire

melted gold
When God puts me in the fire He doesn’t burn me, but refines me. Many people go through life beaten down and discouraged by the things they encounter. They wonder why on earth they should experience difficult situations. They look up at God with contempt; annoyed that God has not kept his word unto them.

God allows me to go through the fire. As gold is of little value when it is in its raw state, so am I in the hands of the LORD. My life, in its natural state, is of little use to Him because my imperfections would greatly affect His good intentions.

Refining fire

The gold had accumulated dirt which must be removed before its true beauty could be seen. So must I be cleansed of my pride, arrogance, selfishness and other such things before my life can be a beauty to behold. The three Hebrew boys found themselves in a fire, but God was refining them to be governors. They had made a bold decision to obey God and defy the king’s order, even when that meant death. They had been following God, but their devotion had not affected others as to draw them to their God. But when they were cast into the furnace, people thought they would be consumed but God intended that they’d be refined. O what wonder happened in the furnace! Their bonds were consumed while they were not. After the encounter, their God was highly glorified throughout the empire (Daniel 3:1-29).

refined gold

God intends to consume every unclean thing in me so that His light, His wisdom, His excellence, His power, His love and His life can be revealed with undeniable force for the world to see. I may be hungry today, but that is a means God is using to remove the pride in me so that when wealth comes, I will remember what I had experienced and thus identify with the poor. I might suffer ill health today, but God is using it to humble me so that I can minister to the weak.

My Encouragement

Now I realise that God brings challenges and difficult times my way because He has not given up on me. I have so many imperfections, but God has taken it upon himself to fix my life. I am delighted because he loves me. What then would I do? I would patiently learn the lessons He is teaching me. Yes, the experience is not easy. I don’t want to go through it; no one wants to either. But since my Father has seen it as a necessary means to ennoble me, I will be rest assured that His intention is not to destroy me, but to refine me. Wherever I am is not by accident, but by miracle. God has designed my life already. In whatever state I find myself, I know that God  is aware. Therefore, I will lay everything unto his outstretched hands.

I will never give up for God cares for me!
God loves me!

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