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Meditations of a Soul Athirst for God

When God summons all my possessions before Him to give account of all I am doing (in secret):
• Will my bed tell God about my tears which wet it every now and then because I seek God?
• ‎Will my Bible testify to my great passion when I turn the pages with all seriousness because I was searching for God?
• ‎How about my plates and spoons? Will they recount to God the moments they had waited to serve me, but waited in vain because I was hungry for God?
• ‎How many times have my phones and electronic gadgets have to due to the incessant worship songs, books and articles they have to serve me even when they’re not in the mood of doing so?
• ‎Would my clothes tell God that I was very strict on them, insisting never to wear anything that would hide His image in me?
• ‎Certainly, my books would report to God about my quest for the knowledge of God.
• ‎Would my room tell God with great euphoria that it played host to the presence of God not once, not twice but countless times. Would God remember those moments with great delight?
• ‎Would money hang its head in shame because it could not bring me to my knees before it? That I’ve distributed it to those who needed it before it suggested that item to me, which I did not need?
• ‎How about the night? the place where I seek to be with God daily? the office? the department? the market? What do these have to say about us?

Have we ever given thought to these things? What will our possessions tell God about us?

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