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In the Light of Eternity

With how much care and attention will you do the things you’re doing now if you know that you are being watched by someone who will judge you later? How carefully will you order your steps and keep off from evil, no matter how enticing they may be?

The activities of men-pleasers are motivated by eyeservice. They give all of themselves to what is expected of them only if someone is watching. However, their commitment cools off and dies once they notice that no one is paying attention to them anymore. Such is the way many people live. But too often they forget the fact that Someone is always watching them. They fail to realize that “He [God] knows about everyone, everywhere. Everything about us is bare and wide open to the all-seeing eyes of our living God; nothing can be hidden from him to whom we must explain all that we have done” Heb. 4:13. One day, we will receive a just reward for the things we have done here. And that is why it is important that God is fully aware of everything – absolutely everything – we do if He must judge us righteously. Are you aware of God’s knowledge about everything you do – even the deepest secrets and thoughts of your heart?

How do you live now? Will you be proud to give account of the things you’re doing now before the incorruptible Judge? Are the things you are living for worth Christ’s dying for? Consider this, friend and give thought to the things that will affect you forever and ever.

Do you know that God’s verdict about you at the Judgment Seat stands forever and can never be changed? No weeping, regrets or repentance will alter what God says on that Day. It’s not a question of what you think about what I’m telling you right now, it’s all about God’s opinion of you. Whether you believe what I’m telling you or not is not the issue. You may put this off as another mere talk. This does not change the fact that you will be judged. Nothing you do will ever be in vain. All injustices will be judged. All corruption, all lies, thefts, evil thoughts, kind acts, love – all will be judged. Otherwise, how will those who have brought untold miseries upon mankind receive their justice? How will the uncelebrated heroes in the earth receive their accolades and recognition? All will be brought up and carefully analysed right before your very presence.

Consider these things, friend. Would you not make the decision to make your way right with Him? If you are ready, pray this prayer with all your heart:

“Lord Jesus, I realise that I have sinned against you. Please forgive me. I am ready to begin a new journey with You. Be my Saviour and Lord.”

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