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A Recipe for Blessing


“You shall not eat any bread, or roasted or new grain, until the very day you bring this offering to your God…” Lev. 23:14.

As much as God desires to honour and bless us, He wants us to honour and bless Him too, not because His sufficiency depends on it but because our sufficiency depends on it. God takes special delight in the gifts His children offer unto Him. Even though He is the source of all things, yet He craves for that which comes from His children as an expression of love to Him.

Think how God desires this fellowship with us. It is not a demand of a hard master, but a call of a loving Father, who knows that every gift we bring to Him will bring us closer to Himself, and every surrender we make will open our hearts wider to get more of His gifts. A gift to God has infinite value in His sight, and brings unspeakable blessings to us.

God wants us to give Him our firstfruits so that the rest will yield its increase. But if we satisfy ourselves first and honour God last of all, there is nothing left that He can bless (Lev. 19:24, 25). Our firstfruits honour God. When Abel brought the firstlings of his flock as a sacrifice unto God, God had respect unto him and his offering.

God is not pleased when we offer to Him leftovers of what we have after we have spent it on the fleeting cares of life. He wants the honour due Him. God’s gifts to us are of little value until we are willing to give it back to God so that He can use it as a blessing to every life it touches.

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