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God’s greatest desire is to reveal Himself to His children so that they may glorify Him. His acts are to demonstrate the great love He has for us, in the hope that we might realize this and turn to Him. He wants to fill us. He seeks fellowship with us. Jesus was God manifested in the flesh to seal that desire to identify with us. And He has given us the Holy Spirit to dwell with us and in us forever. Why does He do this? To show His great power and wisdom through feeble creatures. He created Adam and gave him authority over all the earth as a prototype of His rule and authority in Heaven. Man was made in the image and likeness of God. His authority on earth was to be the extension of God’s authority in Heaven. Genesis 1:26-28.

The promised Holy Spirit gives us the life of God. He empowers us to live a life that brings glory and honor to God. In a world that is full of darkness, God has placed His children as burning lamps, with the fire of His Spirit burning in them. We are, therefore, the lights of the world. There is no deadness in us. The corruption of the flesh no longer has any hold on us because it is the Spirit of God that lives in us, constantly renewing us. Romans 8:8-11. He lives in every child of His, rekindling them and building them up as an inferno that cannot be resisted by the coldness of darkness. We, therefore, expose the works of darkness. This is why darkness always flees before the light. The One in us is greater than the one that is in the world. 1 John 4:4.

How We Manifest It

The life of God is displayed in us when our hearts seek all of Him. The proof of our love for Jesus is our willingness and desire to obey Him, no matter how it conflicts with our interests. God watches over His word closely, and He will honor whoever honors His word. God will make His abode in anyone who is careful enough to obey His word.

Is this not why God is jealous over us? The battle is raging. God wants to possess us, and so also the devil. We are at the crossroads and whoever we yield ourselves as servants to obey, we become their servants, whether of obedience to God, which leads to life and righteousness or of sin, which leads to death. Romans 6:16. God is looking for every means to win us over to His side so that He can inhabit us and use us for His glory.

The world will gaze in amazement at the excellency of God’s wisdom in us. Israel rode on the high places of the earth because God was with them. They ate angel’s food and increased in great power such that their fear fell upon their enemies. See how mighty kings trembled before them. See how God rose dramatically to fight their battles. See how the Gibeonites, a strong nation, came cringing at their feet that they might become their servants. What was impossible for them when God’s presence was amongst them? Absolutely nothing! However, we have a more profound inheritance. God was with the Israelites then, but now, He is in us. He is closer to us than ever.

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